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*Crown Walk-Behind 1500 LB Self Propelled Forklift - $500
This is a Crown walk behind 1500 LB self-propelled forklift that we have been using in our warehouse. We haven't used it in a while. When we did need it we just took a car battery and put it in it. It worked but it did not keep the lift running for more than 15 to 30 minutes. If you're going to use it occasionally than a car battery would be fine. If you're going to use it continuously on a day-to-day basis then you would need to put the proper industrial battery in it. It is a Crown model number WT90. Going on the internet, I found that it goes 90" up. The serial number is 11012. According to the data plate, it has a 1500 LB capacity. It is 72 inches tall, about 48 inches wide and about 54 inches long. The controls are on the handle, the handle pivots to move and control the machine. The forklift is being sold for AS-IS. If you wish to bring a battery with you to check it out, you can do so. It can take most car batteries. There is no warranty with this item. Pics ( 1-2) (COKE)

*Yale 12 Volt Walk Behind Forklift - $500
This is a Yale walk behind the forklift. The serial number is MSW030SAN12CS083. It is been sitting for a while and it needs a battery. The battery that you see in the picture is no longer in the lift. It went bad so we pulled it out. You're welcome to bring your own battery and check this out to make sure it functions. According to the label on the lift, it has a 3000-pound maximum capacity. It came from an auction that we attended. When we brought it home, the battery was very weak but the lift would work for a couple of minutes before dying. I do not have any further history on it. Please check this item before purchasing as it is being sold as is without warranty. Pics (3-4) (WYO-B09)

*Self Propelled BilJax Electric Stock Picker ESP 19 - $2000
We are selling a "BilJax" Electric Stock Picker. It is in great condition and running. The Model Number is ESP 19. Rated Platform Load: 450 lb (204 kg) total including the operator [1 person + materials not to exceed 450 lb (204kg)]. Extended Platform Height: 19 ft 3 in (5.9 m). Retracted Platform Height: 20 in. (50.8 cm). Platform Dimensions: 30 in. W x 30 in. L x 42 in. H (0.76 m x 0.76 m x 1.07 m). Base Dimensions: 30-1/2 in. W x 63 in. L x 80 in. H (0.77 m x 1.60 m x 2.03 m). Gross Shipping Weight: 2900 lb (1315 kg). Platform Lift Time: 20 seconds empty, 32 seconds loaded. Platform Retraction Time: 22 seconds empty, 22 seconds loaded. Platform Lift Rate: lift platform empty: 0.66 ft (0.3m)/sec. lift platform loaded: 0.42 ft (0.19 m)/sec. Hydraulic System Pressure: 1200 psi empty, 2100 psi loaded. Travel Speeds (maximum): Lift Platform Lowered: 2.5 mph, Lift Platform Raised: 0.5 mph. We just put in two new industrial batteries so the unit is ready to go. Sold as is. Pics (5-6) (COKE)

*Exide System 1000 24 Volt Battery Charger for a Forklift -$300.00
We received this fork lift charger in an auction that we attended. The charger is an Exide system 1000. The model number is F51-12-550-B. The serial number is HR-64760-1-2-LL. The input is 208-40-480 VAC 60 HZ & 24-21-10.4 AMPS 1 Phase. The output is 24 volts 88 AMPS DC. The finish rate is 24.8 AMPS DC. The battery size is 550 AH 12 cells. We think the charger works but have not tried it. If your interested in purchasing them we can put on the bill a sale that you have a week to check them out and if they don't check out you can return for refund. PICS (7) (WYOMING B05).

*24 Volt "Hertner Auto 1000" Battery Charger for a Forklift - $300
This is a battery charger for a forklift. It is a Hertner Auto 1000, Model # 3TN12-550, the Serial # R73537-1-1, Mfg. # SD71781. This was bought an auction. We have no way of testing it so we are giving you 7 days to take it home and check it out. If there are any problems within that 7 days you can bring it back and get a refund. Please check this item over carefully as it is being sold as-is. Pics (8). (WYOMING R01).

*Big Joe Model #5074S Walk-Behind Electric Forklift - $800
This is a Big Joe Model #5074S walk-behind electric forklift. The up and down motion is electric but moving the unit around is manual (push/pull). The serial number is 22253. It has a built-in charger that uses a regular household outlet. The unit has been sitting in our warehouse for quite a few years. It will need a battery. You can use the basic automotive battery but it is suppose to take an industrial battery. The industrial battery will last longer but is much more expensive. If you wish to bring your own battery to check that unit out before purchasing, that's not a problem. The forks themselves go from floor level to approximately 6 feet up. The sticker on the lift says 3/4 Ton Capacity (1500lbs). Please check this item over carefully as it is being sold as-is. pic(9-10). (EBAY WH2)

*Yale Walk Behind Forklift - $500
This is a Yale model walk behind forklift. When we first got it years ago the battery was good and we used it around the shop. Unfortunately, the ID plate is unreadable so I don't have any specifications. The battery went bad so I removed it. If you are interested in checking it out you can bring your own battery to test the lift. In the pictures there is a blue box that is a battery charger. That does not go with the lift. I do not have any other information on this. We bought this at an auction. It is being sold as is without warranty. Pics (11-12). (WYOMING B07).

*Bil-Jax Cougar Man-lift with 400 lb Capacity - $1000
This is a Bil-Jax Cougar man-lift for indoor use with a load capacity of 400 lbs. It is model number XLT-1951. The serial number is 12003-18CUTFT. It is run on a 12 volt battery. The battery just lifts it up and down. You have to manually push it around to move it. Please check this item before purchasing as it is being sold as is without warranty. Pics (13-14) (COKE)

*1 Set of Forks for a Fork Lift - $150
Found these in our warehouse. Not sure what kind of forklift these came off of. Seem to be in decent condition. (Pic 15) (Coke)

*Carpet Pole for Forklift - $200
A used carpet pole for a forklift. It's hard to see the pictures because there is a role of rubber roofing on the pole.(Pics 16) (Coke)

We are a local company based in Dover, Delaware. We attend auctions throughout the United States and purchase inventory. Some items we sell on the Internet, but with large items like this, we sell locally. We have several hundreds of items on Craigslist located in various warehouses in the Dover, Delaware area. If you have any questions or would like to arrange to inspect the item, please call 302 - 674 - 4990 and leave a message or text we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are normally in the warehouse that has no reception, but we check the phone periodically. Please keep in mind that most of the items we have on Craigslist are located in various warehouses in the Dover DE area so it might be best to make an appointment to look at the item yourself to answer your questions.
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